Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Letter To Tegan!

Dear Uncle Tegan,

Hi! I am writing you today to let you know that I have been taking good care of something for you!

Yeah... that's right~ Big Green. I really like this truck... A LOT! In fact, I have been driving it around the neighborhood quite a bit.

I am always sure to wear my seatbelt!
I am so good at driving and honking the horn!! Papa is so proud of me!
It is not easy to climb up into this big old truck, but I can do it!
Papa taught me to take good care of this truck. I shine it up really good...
See, I can even see myself!
It's hard work.
But I have been doing it...
and I think I have been doing a great job!
Then something CRAZY happened.

Papa said, "Cayden, this is Uncle Tegan's truck. We need to ship it off to him in Colorado."


Then Papa told me how you worked so hard to restore this old truck when you were 17 years old. He said you took this old 1959 Chevy Apache, that was black and you rebuilt every little detail. You did it yourself with Papa assisting you! You won lots of awards on this truck. You really loved driving this truck around town. You loved to answer the question "Hey, your dad let's you drive that truck?" with this answer..."IT'S MINE"! You would go to car shows on Sundays and everyone knew you... the dj would always holler... here comes Tegan folks... he restored this truck himself! People always voted for your truck to win! You even redid the interior, on your very own machine and put the CLASS OF 59 right on the seat. That is really cool! I guess I can understand why you miss it so much there in Colorado.

I guess I can let it go.

It won't be easy, but I know I will see lots of pictures of you, Aunt Kelley and my cousin Layla riding around in it!

So, OK, you can have it back.

Just remember that I took good care of it for you and when I visit you on Grand Junction, you will probably let me drive it with you ... RIGHT? I love you Uncle Tegan. Watch for your truck... soon it will be on it's way!!

Love your nephew,

Townsend Cayden, the 5th
Hey... people know me too!