Sunday, February 6, 2011

Enough Already!

So much going on at Meme"s! Beckie had her first Premier Jewelry Party at my house on Thursday night~ Thank You to all my friends who came to help get her started in this new business venture! You know I love you all! It was a fabulous party!

The cousins were so happy to see each other and to be having a sleepover all together... even Beckie! Sarah holds Mya instantly and Molly, the little fashionista, is busy looking at Mya "cute little shoes!"

After the party, Sarah decided to design her own line of jewelry, starting with earings!
Oh my...

The next day, Beckie subbed at St Ignatius so the girls stayed and even planned another sleepover! Two in a row! Mommy too. Bridget and Cyle went home to Van Wert for Cyle's birthday and to do some work on the house! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CYLE!

Cayden was the first to spot the snow coming down and yelled for everyone to look...

"CHRISTMAS", he yelled!
The view out my front door...
Out back over the pool...
and the rest of the deck! Tegan saw this picture and is jealous of our snow here in Ohio. Not much snow in Grand Junction Colorado! He recalled days of making a snow ramp off this section that he would snow board off and down around the trees, following the fence line you see in the distance in this picture! I miss those days too Tegan James!
ENOUGH ALREADY ... we all yelled at the snow!

Inside we stayed warm by the fire! It fascinated Mya Brynn, but Cayden was sure to tell her that is " so very HOT!"
"Don't you touch it my Mya, my sister."
We took cozy, warm naps together!

In the morning we had a yummy warm breakfast!
Missing from it all... Dave! He is still enjoying time in Florida with his buddies! Big Superbowl trip, he will be back on Tuesday!

And Miss Layla Lynn.

How I wish I could snuggle and play the day away with this gem of mine!
Thank goodness Kelley's mom lives there and is a constant in this gems life! Deanna, thanks so much for all you do for our sweet little grand daughter!

Dave sent me these beautiful flowers because I have broken a big weight barrier ~ Woo Hoo for me!! Thanks Dave for encouraging me so sweetly along the way!