Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lunch Dates!

Today Dan went to school and picked up Sarah!  She was so surprised to see Uncle Dan at school!  Donny brought Molly over too, for lunch and we had a really nice lunch date.  Sarah looked really cute with her little headband in her hair....
well, for a while anyway.  Here she is sporting a newer look and riding her sisters little bike!
She is a funny, funny girl!
Bridget and Cayden came over too!  Cayden is getting so big!  He is talking up a storm!  He loves to walk around the furniture and he loves his girly cousins too!  Molly loves to give him high fives, but Cayden would prefer a kiss~  "No Way," says Molly.  "He slopers"
I got a nice surprise in the mail today!  A card from Kelley and Tegan!  They are so thoughtful!  Thanks to my darlings in Colorado for thinking of me!!  I love and miss you both... so much!  Teg, I wish I could post that video... you have to email it to me,  OK???