Monday, April 29, 2013

Last little bit...

The girls posing for the
The Lorax
After pasta night we headed to the park for some play time!
Silly kids~

Mya and Mommy lead the way!
Cayden loves to climb high!

Sarah can do anything!

Mya follows her brother everywhere!

Not sure who had more fun at the park... 
the little kids or these two!
Yeah... pretty sure it was them!
They were moving so fast I couldn't "catch" them in my lens!
This could have ended badly... Ha!
but she made a "safe landing"!

Fun on the slide!

Here they go again...

So fun... but we had to get home because it was getting
dark and we had big plans for a night swim!

Flips galore from Sarah!
Pencil Dives from Molly!
Cannon Balls from Cayden!

Good times!

Molly shared her violin with Mya, who was dying to 
try to play it too!
Molly was proud of her!
But was a bit concerned about how Mya held it...
Not so good!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Picture Perfect~

Rick and Roxi were CRAZY enough to invite us all to dinner
at their house one night!

The kids were really good~
They just love Rick and Roxi~

The next night we were going to the club for 
Pasta Night~  We always dress up
and take our yearly pictures at the fountain on this
night too!

Beckie, Sarah and Molly~

Bri, Cayden and Mya

Four of my precious gems...
Sarah, Cayden, Mya and Molly

Only missing this Laylabug of mine~
She will be with us all this summer!

With their Meme~

My girls~

My girls and their babies~

The Model
Miss Sarah Rose

Sarah and Molly

The Model
Miss Molly Carolyn

Annual Kissing Photo~

My, how they have grown from the first time we took this photo!

Cayden wanted in on the action too~
He adores his Aunt BB!

Bri and her babies started the tradition too!

How sweet they each are~
Can't tell you how much I love them
because it would take w a y  t o o  l o n g!

Funny girl~

And these two...


We had so much fun taking pictures before dinner...
But we had even MORE fun after!
Wait till you see...