Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Our visit with Danny!

Sunday morning and the living is easy... Layla cooks us all breakfast!
Her Daddy and Pop~ay start work on a pocket door for the 
laundry room!
It's was pretty easy to do since it slides right into garage!
These two always find projects to do together!

Tegan built a bench nook around three walls in kitchen
and we got them a new table to fit right in!
It really opened up the space for them!
We enjoyed breakfast together and
Layla sure kept us entertained during lunch!
She is always offering her drink, saying "CHEERS"!

Before we left for Danny's, Pop~ay took time to read
the book Uncle Dan and Holly sent Layla for her birthday~
One of Dan's favorites!
Then it was time to say 
Big hugs for those we love!
Kisses too!
Hard to say goodbye

So proud of this little family~
We hit the road for Breckenridge, a 31/2 hour drive 
through the mountains.
Good bye Grand Junction!

We arrived in Breckenridge and met Holly at about 5:30.
Dan came home from work shortly after!
Dan, Holly, Kayla and Koma!
 We had dinner out together and woke on Monday
early to hit a few trails and to see for ourselves
why our son loves Breckenridge so much!
Father and son~
This was Dave and I faking to be out of breath after
only waking about 40 feet on the trail!

Beautiful Lake Dillon
Danny having a seat on a stone bench~ one inscribed
to the memory of a loved one.
Dan telling us some great things about the trail.
He is so happy in Colorado!
Look Cayden, Molly, Sarah, Layla and Mya...
Chipmunks who came right up to you!

Who remembers Chip and Dale from Powderhorn?
Holly made a friend!
The views are breathtaking...

In town Dan and Holly take us on the River Walk.

I am always happy to be near this boy!

Dave is too!
We board the Dredge...
and get a look down at the trout, all hanging around to 
be fed!
The Dredge is a restaurant bar.  A crazy bar apparently, since
Danny tells us people jump from this ledge.
He has, in fact, been one of those people!!
Don't even think about it Dave!
I am so thrilled Dave surprised me with this trip!
I love this man!

Here's Dan with his favorite mountain in the background!
He is loving his life here in Breckenridge~
I was happy to be sharing it with him!

I want to have a home there too!!

Thanks to my boys for making us feel at home!
Thanks to Kelley and Miss Laylabug for sharing so much love!
Thanks to Holly for being so welcoming to us!

I am so heart happy that my Grand Junctions Lesjaks will 
be traveling to Breckenridge to spend Thanksgiving with Danny and Holly!
What fun they will have together~ the guys boarding together
and the girls crafting, cooking and carriage riding together!