Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sweet Little Things...

Oh my, oh my... Mya at one week old! This baby is so very sweet and precious! A little mouse! I assign an animal to each of my grandchildren... Sarah: the giraffe, Molly: the elephant, Cayden: the monkey, Mya: the mouse! She is tiny, she is so delicate and petite! But just look at those feet!! She has the longest fingers, just like her mommy! A piano player for sure! Everyone who meets her loves her instantly!

Meigan came by to visit and it seems Mya had things to say!
This little guy loves his new sister! Bridget says he wakes up in the morning and looks all around for her saying... "MYA, ARE YOU?"

My daughter in law Kelley is 33 weeks now! It won't be long before we have her baby, Layla posing with this gift from YaYa Debbie!! Deb is so talented and we love everything she makes for us!! Kelley ... isn't this adorable?
It will find it's way to Grand Junction! My little "ladybug" Layla will be so cozy with this "lovie" blanket!! Layla has been giving her parents some concern... trying to get out a little too early!! Hang in there ~ you still have some growing to do Miss Layla!!