Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Today I am thinking of my Dad, who served in the Korean war. My father in law, John, who served in the Navy, my brother Andy, the Navy and my nephew Jack, who in 10 days leaves for boot camp to become a United States Marine. My Dad was military police in Korea. I did a report in grade school and used this photo and wrote..."My Dad" above him!
This is Jack Clancy...

Our good friends Megian and Dennis, had a "Kick off to Summer" Mass and brunch at their lovely home on the lake. I invited Jack to come along with us so their friend Father Becker could bless him for me before he leaves. My sister and her family were in town from Columbus for Jack's graduation party the same day at my house! It was a beautiful mass outside with the skys blue and the lake so calm. Here's Father Becker with Dennis and Meigan during mass.
Father could surely understand the heart of this young man, for he too, at age 18, two weeks after high school graduation, on a day in June, was off to boot camp. After mass Father did bless Jack and it was a precious moment for sure.
God will bless this boy...Thank you to all who serve or have served or are about to serve. American hero's. Please take a look at this video with Oliver North.

The party was fabulous... Lots of family and friends! Thanks Laurie, Bill and Jeannie for stopping over! The young people, Beckie, Bridget, Danny and Dagmara found their way to the cornhole games...
While the more mature enjoyed each others company...
Aunt Jeannie flanked by Joey and Jack...
Molly enjoying some yummy cake...
Sarah and Molly loving the new steps into the pool.
My sister Frankie delivering some cake to her son Jack.
Bless this Mom too, she will surely miss her boy. Good Luck Jack... we love you and will miss you! See you at graduation in Sept!!
P.S. Tegan & Kelley....we missed you today!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Still Working...

Dave and some friends have still been hard at work to finish the deck!! Working on it in the evenings to get it done for Sunday's big party to celebrate my nephew Jack as he graduates high school and heads off to boot camp. Jack is a proud United States Marine. He has been a pooley for his senior year of high school. We are so proud of Jack!! I will post pictures after the big day... For now, here are some shots of our progress!!

What in the world is Sarah doing?
Dave, Gary and Danny work to shore up the side of our deck that was shifting a bit!
Pool liner out... ready for sand and leveling!
Water going in!! Its going to look beautiful!
Dave will be ready for a long rest... some weeks of doing NOTHING!!

Bridget and Cyle heard from Shriners and Cayden will need to be in Montreal, Canada by June 8th for an all day assessment appointment!! I will travel with them on June 6th... taking 2 days travel time for the little pregnant momma!, and will take it one day at a time at Shriners as to when we leave for home. May be 2 days, may be 3? We'll see. So Dave will have peace and quiet while I am gone!! Thanks honey for working so hard to get it all done!! I love you!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Rebecca Jean!

Happy Birthday Beckie...

Your Dad and I love you,

your sister and brothers love you,

Donny loves you, and,

two really, really cute little girls adore and love you too!!

Have a great day today!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Layla... the ladybug!

Tegan and Kelley had the BIG ultrasound today, the one that tells them GIRL OR BOY!

It's a BABY GIRL!!

Layla Lynn Lesjak will be here on or around October 19th! We are thrilled for them! I give each baby an animal...

Sarah's is the Giraffe,

Molly's is the Elephant,

Cayden's is the Monkey,

Mya's is going to be the Mouse, and

Layla's will be the Ladybug!

Just a fun little thing I started when Sarah was born and continued with each of them. It's fun to be able to get them something related to their animal on birthdays or special occasions. They know when I see these certain creatures that I think of just them! It's fun for them to have a "collection" of their special animal or creature! Wonder what they would pick for Meme? Think about it Sarah, Molly and Cayden... then tell me!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Big News!

A couple of things...
The Shriners Hospital in Montreal Canada held a board meeting on Thursday. One of the cases referred to them was my grandson Cayden's case. We are so happy to say the board accepted his case! What a relief for Bridget and Cyle, to know they will have answers to all their questions and that Cayden will be seen by Dr. Frank Rauch, who is a specialist in OI. I hope to travel to Canada with them for support! They will love this little guy at Shriners!

Cayden is working hard at trying to walk!
It takes much concentration!
In other news... Dan proposed to Dagmara! She said YES!
I am thrilled for Danny. Dagmara makes him very happy and he loves her very much! Dag will be a welcome addition to our family! The excitement just keeps coming... Word is the wedding will take place in the fall of 2011!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Men At Work!

Deck replacement has begun! Dave was lucky enough to have our son Danny helping...
His good buddy Bob working,
our son in law Donny in the trenches,
and our son in law Cyle working, while his wife sat and watched!
Until the girls decided they wanted a hand in demolition... Watch your head Cyle!
Beckie and Bridget taken promptly off task!! They did look good in the safety glasses though~
Progress moved right along. The pool was emptied, liner ripped out and deck construction continued. More to come on that project!! We are replacing wood with TREK decking. It should last FOREVER... no more staining the deck every year... woohoo!!! Tegan... you would love this project! We are missing having your help here! Men at work...
Dave and Cyle, working themselves into a corner!
All this and a big party here on the 30th!!! Will it be done?? Stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Molly Carolyn has stopped sucking her thumb.

She has been wearing a nail polish that tastes very, very bad.

This polish keeps her from putting her thumb in her mouth!

It really works well!

So needless to say, falling asleep is a little harder for this brown eyed girl these days.

This, is what she was supposed to be doing yesterday afternoon in my room, on my bed...
But after she kept getting out of bed and coming out 3 or 4 times, I told her to stay in my room and get some rest! We had big theater plans for the night...Cinderella at St Ignatius, mommy's school. I went to check on her after she was quiet for about 30 minutes and this was what I found....
Seriously... it was hard for me to keep a straight face. " I was just getting pretty Meme", she said.
Oh my, her hair was even slicked down, her teeth were brushed, makeup applied...

Monday, May 17, 2010

New Friends!

Oh my goodness... I don't usually let the kids watch this show, but one day I was flipping through channels and found Jack Black on Yo GABBA, GABBA!! I was hooked and quickly recorded this one episode. Its called NEW FRIENDS! As you can see, even Cayden got hooked! Back it up Buddy!
The best part is when DJ Lance gives Jack an orange suit that matches his and Jack says...
Well, it doesn't really and that makes this episode really even more funny!! I am sure Jack's own children really thought it was cool their Dad was on this show!

In our own world, we made new friends too! Dagmara brought over her little cousins, Griffith and Ella to play! Molly and Ella were fast little buddies!
Sarah enjoyed little Ella too!
Molly has been "ON HER TOES" at practice on the trampoline!
She can actually jump and get some "air" now! Sarah is so proud!! Griffith is waiting for his turn!
Griff can really jump high!
He loved it!
And he loved the glide ride too! Dagmara assisted him all the way across!
After our fun outside we headed in for some music in motion! We did Little Fish in the family room... "lots of little fish were sleeping on a rock, in the bottom of the ocean..." Do you know it? So fun~
We had some parting artwork on the driveway to remind us of our new friends! Sarah is quite the artist and a pretty good speller too!
Thanks for sharing your cousins with us Dagmara!! Come visit again!