Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cayden & Mya take on the Magic Kingdom!

We wake pretty early around here.  As soon as Papa and I open our curtains,
which is the signal to "Come On In", Cayden and Mya come to play!

While Meme makes big breakfasts, Cayden and Papa
play games!

Mya enjoys some time playing games on Meme's phone!

We get ready and head out to the 
Magic Kingdom!

Mya and Cayden find Walt and his little mouse!

My favorite pictures are from behind...
Cayden with his Mom and Dad!
Mya is holding Papa's hand as she sees the castle
for the first time!

Street performers stop us in our tracks!

Mya says...
 Wow ... is this Disney?

Ride after ride~
These three are ready for anything!

Magic Carpet ride!

Cayden and Mya get right into the action at the 
Captain Jack Sparrow 
Meme was thinking ...
Wow, is he gorgeous or WHAT?

Sitting pretty~

All Aboard the Disney Railroad~
See that bit of orange to the right of Cayden's hat?
Those are their friends the Ellings, who were in
line to meet Woody and Jessie!

I loved watching Cyle with his kids this trip!
They loved every minute with their Daddy!

Family photo!

Meme and her Princess Mya Brynn~

Mya loves to take pictures...
Here are a few of her best shots~



Cayden took the camera then and also took
some great pics!

Mommy and Daddy!

Mommy and Mya!

We were waiting for the castle show
Dreams Come True
to start!  

Cayden and Mya had great seats for the show!

Everyone was there!

Fireworks at the end!

Our little map reader!
Just holding our ground for the 
Disney Dance Party!

So much fun!

Big Dance Party!

Saying hello to everyone!

Lets get in the street and

Cayden and Baloo...
breaking it down!
To the RIGHT
To the LEFT
Baloo spots his partner!

Yay Cayden!

Oh my... Look Mem, 
Mya's has been taken!

She is with Jessie!

I remember someone else having fun
with Jessie too!
Here a look back at Molly with Jessie~

I was having the best time watching Cayden and Mya 
enjoying Disney!