Monday, April 16, 2012

Beach Babies!

We rode the shuttle boat to the island for some beach time together!
You can always find Molly working in the sand!
Bridget, Cayden and Sarah love the water!
Layla loved spending time with Mommy~
Sarah Rose
the little fish~
Mya digging in the sand~
Layla going to see what 
everyone else is doing!
She finds a shady spot near her cousin Mya
and digs right in!
Cayden wants to follow Beckie and Molly out to sea...
Then thinks better of that idea!
"Hey Papa...
will you take me?"
Papa will do anything for Cayden!

Looking for fancy shells for Sarah's 
Sarah has a really nice collection for her 
class at school!
I love these kids!

Can you tell?

Beach Party of 5

Bridget, Papa and Tegan wave as I captured my gems sitting in the sand!