Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Meme asked the question...

Sarah and Molly came over and I handed Sarah this photo.

I said, "Who are the girls in this picture?"

Sarah said, "It's me and Molly."

I asked, "It is?  Where are you in this picture?"

Molly said, "Let me see"  She looked over Sarah shoulder at the photo.

Sarah said, " Wait... I don't think it is me or Molly.  We don't have those shoes."

I told them the girls in this picture are their Mommy, Beckie and their Aunt Doodie, Bridget.

Molly said, " I love Aunt Doodie's shoes!!"

Sarah said, "I like their shirts!"


I think it's like looking back in time.
I knew Sarah would think it was her!
She is the spitting image of her Mommy!

Two girls.

Girls who, with certain little looks, can take me right back in time
to when I was the Mommy.

I love that about these two!

Both sets of sisters have the some Crazy fashion sense!