Sunday, September 5, 2010

Weekend Projects...

I have been busy with my creative crafter friend Debbie, gosh, I love her!! She is helping me make some name pillows for some sweet little friends...
The girls came over on Saturday and made some crafts too! Molly worked hard on a necklace for me! She is wearing a bracelet I made her and I said "When you are at preschool, you can look at it and think of me!"

She was so proud of the necklace she made... she said,

"When you are at where Meme?"

Sarah said "WORK, Molly"

Molly said, " Oh yeah, work, then you can think of me, Ok? Meme"

I love it! It's so pretty and it matches the bracelet Sarah made me!

Sarah was busy doing art work!
She is the sweetest thing!! She then made 2 necklaces, one for her and one for Molly. She cut a paper heart in half with BEST FRIENDS written on it! She loves her sister Molly!
Can't wait to finish projects... We are also making something special for Roxi's daughter Missy, who we are having a baby shower for, on the 18th, and something for the newest little Ward baby... so much to do... so little time!