Sunday, November 30, 2014

Animal Kingdom

Mornings at Fort Wilderness!
We are in cabins next to each other!
Meme and Papa in 2852
The Wilkinsons in 2854~

Mya ready to drive to the Animal Kingdom!

Waiting for the bus!

Cayden is ready to get autographs today!

Either Cayden is looking or
Mommy is looking!
Here's our bus!

Cayden spots Rafiki right away!

Rafiki signs his name!
Everybody SMILE!

Mya, the tiny dancer!

In her own world!
Meme and Mya dancing to Lion King music!

Cayden and Mya decide to become Wilderness Explorers.
They take the oath!
Make a W with your thumbs together!

Now they can look for certain animals and earn badges!

The Tree Of Life!
Cayden's hands are almost as big as a gorillas!
Earning their first badge with a ranger!

Look everywhere,
you don't want to miss a thing!

Sam, the ranger, has lots of questions for Cayden~
He answers them all!

Sam is proud of Cayden!
Badge number 2!

Mya sees her friend, Pocahontas!
She asked Mya if Cayden was her twin...
She hears that a lot!

She was so very beautiful!

Tree of Life animals~

So awesome!
We saw the live show Finding Nemo!
Then more exploring!

Badge number 3  ~ Insects!

We remember Grammy Gert and 
stop to dance on sewer caps! 

A musical badge is next!
My little drummers!

Cyle and Cayden on safari!

Princess Mya looking for animals!

Mya and I waited while everyone else rode 
Expedition Everest... even Cayden!

Cayden DID NOT like it one bit and is hoping not
to have nightmares!  He kept singing ...
It's all about the bass, bout the bass, bout the bass...
Just trying to take his mind off that scary ride!

Time to get painted!
What will Mya be?


Can you guess what Cayden will be?

He was so thrilled to open his eyes!

This girl is CRAZY!

Work it Mya~

Waiting in line to see Donald Duck.
I remember Sarah scared Donald since her face was painted 
like a tiger...
Cayden knew he could scare Donald too!

First Donald saw Mya... oh my!
Cayden hid behind his book...
until the last second and really gave 
Donald a FRIGHT!
Mya said "Don't be scared, it's just us Donald!"

and our Meme and Papa!

We came home after dinner and watched 
Sleeping Beauty 
under the stars!

Where will we be tomorrow...
come back and see!