Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You Capture~Feet

You Capture... FEET!! Here are some of my favorites!

Sarah... love the pitter-pat of little princess feet!

Cayden's Clubbed Feet... in very good hands. His Mothers.
My feet... with 7 of my favorite friends!
Find more over at Keli's!

Oh NO ... It's Wednesday!

My weigh in... not so good. 153.8 What a yo yo I am!! Up one... down one. I am thankful it's not two or three!!

Things going on at my house include...

Eyes lit up... we are preparing to drive to Florida!!
Easter bonnets made...
Cards made...
Tap dancing to musicals... Gert is smiling again from heaven!
Molly is heaven sent in her pretty princess dress!
And, my little friend, the BIRD... is still stalking me.
He has been at this for over a week now!
Give up already... you are starting to freak me out!