Monday, October 27, 2008

Sarah...the Ballerina!!!

Debbie and I went to the Columbus Shopping Mart...Thanks Janice...and I found this store that sold Tutu's and such!! The store was crowded and I saw this white tutu and I picked it up perfect for Sarah Rose, when this other woman tried to take it right out of my hands!! She wondered...Are you going to buy that??? It was the only one left and boy, did she want it!! Yes, I am going to buy it, lady...back away!! at a big sale like that one can be so DANGEROUS!
We had a great time staying with Frankie and Tom. We shopped on Friday, we shopped on Saturday, and we would have shopped on Sunday, if only I let Debbie have her way!! My new favorite store is Hobby, its not model cars and toys, but it is full of home decor items and anything else you could ever want!! But alas...I could only shop so much!! I found more Crosses for my wall, a lamp for my front table and some really nice picture frames!
Here are some shots of my little ballerina in action, high heels and all!!!
Who did that woman think she was?? Did she know she was messing with a MeMe who is 50?? Did she think she stood a chance?? Did she think I would hand her this tutu and be on my way?? Did she think I wouldn't miss seeing these pictures?? She did not realize that I could already see these pictures in my head!!
She is the Dancing Queen!! Spin, Little Ballerina, Spin~

Thursday, October 23, 2008

HOME SCHOOLING...or at least picture taking!!

Sarah Rose Walton, age 3, SUNSHINE CLASS at BEST BEGINNINGS PRESCHOOL...sat for the class picture but wanted NO PART of the individual shots so...MeMe decided Sarah's Mommy and Daddy could not go without having a school picture!! We set up the camera and here is one of the shots of Sarah. Not too bad...check Beckie's page to see others...yes there were MANY others!!!

Baby Fenton Shower!

We had a baby shower for Melissa Fenton on Tuesday. What fun to have a party during the week~~~ We had many guests...the room was filled with people who think Melissa and Tim are pretty special...Melissa got so many nice things for her baby. Thanks to all who prepared food ~~~it was so nice to just have to worry about getting things ready here and not having to cook anything!!

Melissa, Debbie, and Sarah ~~ Mother and daughters!!

Kathy, Sharon, Lin, and Dee ~~ Girlfriends!!

Noreen, Marlene, Patty and Carole ~~ More Girlfriends!!

Debbie, Diana, and Roxi ~~ Even More Girlfriends!!

Melissa, Tim and Baby Fenton!! A.K.A ~ MOMMY and DADDY!!

We all had just a wonderful time and we cannot wait to meet the Littlest Fenton!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Beautiful Fall Day!

It was so beautiful outside today! The girls and I took a walk out back and I got some cute pictures in the fall foliage. Molly was not too sure about the camera today and Sarah, who usually shys away, played MeMe's game and actually looked into the camera!! Enjoy the pictures!

My Sister Frankie came up from Columbus to see the play A Chorus Line with me on Sunday. We both had the same thought at just about the same time... After watching So You Think You Can Dance, we think A Chorus Line should update its dancing moves. It seemed a little boring...!!! The story could stay the same...just revamp the dancing a bit! We had a good time being together anyway and Frankie will be back for Legally Blonde... Here is a shot of Frankie...looking so cute! I want that cross and pearls don't you know!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008



Spin Left...

Spin Right...

Molly Carolyn...and Papa...I can't tell who is having more fun?? Can you?

Happy Friday!! I saw the movie The Secret Life of Bees...EXCELLENT! Of course the book was so so so much better still because books always are...just to picture it all in your own mind. My babies had a great week ... Molly is adjusting to Miss Joyce- the babysitter for backup when I go out of town. Sarah is trying hard to adjust to going on Fridays...she says...I am just a little shy! Miss Joyce saw the car seats in my car and said "Aren't you done with all this yet??" Is she trying to take my new job from me already?? She will have a fight on her hands for sure if she tries any funny business!!

Watch out for the nasty stomach flu--no fun at all. It hit me Wednesday, a terrible night to strike since it is ladies night out. Hate when that happens!! I survived and felt much better the next day! Here are some shots of Sarah...just enjoying, counting, sorting and sharing her MMMMS! Have a Great Weekend!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

West Star Aviation

Tegan is enjoying his job at West Star Aviation. He is a painter...painting privately owned jets. This company caters to the owners, offering many services to pilots who fly into Grand Junction. You can check out their website at Tegan really loves his job. This is a picture of the hanger where he does the painting and of a jet in the process of being painted. Tegan is a hard worker and takes great pride in the job he is working on...

Tegan and Kelley have their tickets to fly home for Christmas and we are all so excited to meet Kelley for the first time!! Kelley says she is nervous to meet us all but I have assured her there is nothing to fear...

Enjoy the pictures!!

You gotta love the hair!!! Tegan will never change...I Love THIS Kid!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Let Down!

The weekend is over! Friday night I went to the Irish Heritage Clubs LADIES reverse raffle! It was great to see my Miss Jayne, the RN, live and in person. She is brilliant, I tell you. This girl set her mind to something...a nursing degree...and she just went ahead and did it!! I know she will have a great career as a nurse but she was also one heck of a pre-school teacher!! Her darling English mum was there also and it is always a pleasure to spend time with Babs!! But I must say...Ruthie Stoll takes the prize!! It was a hoot to sit next to her and hear some more of the continuing story of Ruthie ... the girl from the hood! Cannot believe Joe is in High School...since it was yesterday, when he was just in my Sunshine 3 year olds class at Best Beginnings. Where does the time go?? I wonder if Eddie, the knight in shinning armor, called the teachers at St Eds and said..."This is Edward Stoll...go hard on that boy!!" . Poor little Joe sat on time out at school one day and I got the call...thinking oh no...this one doesn't think his precious boy deserved a time out...BUT no...what a surprise!!! I was told maybe my timeouts need to be longer!!! I love this little family-they just crack me up!! I had a blast...I did not win the raffle but I did win a basket and a trip down memory lane... Thanks Ladies!!

On to Saturday and Beckie's Big Bash... we worked our tails off to prepare and we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day!! Beckie made some funds towards her marathon goal but we were disappointed that more friends did not make to the fundraiser! Those of you who attended...THANK YOU! We had prizes to give away and many fun games and activities for adults and children!! Of course the children were my responsibility and I had a grand time entertaining them!! We painted pumpkins, did word searches, and had a scavenger hunt!!

Molly Carolyn worked so hard to get that paint on the pumpkin!! It was a fun, fun, day!!

Then...just when you thought my post was OVER...Sunday arrives! After going back to the BIG BASH site for some cleanup, Dave and I had a quiet day at home...relaxing!! Bridget and Cyle brought Cayden over at 6- so they could go to dinner alone together for their anniversary---***One Year*** Congrats to them...and Congrats to Dave and I ... today we marked 29 years of wedded Bliss...oh happy day

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Miss know-- Mr. Bill's Mom!

Marlene, Patty and very cute!

Miss Marlene longs for GRANITE and a GRANDCHILD! Is that so much to ask for?? All in good time, Marlene. Patience, after all, is a virtue! Jake will be here before you know it! : )

Beckie's Big Bash!

We are getting ready for Beckie's Big Bash on Saturday Oct. 11!! We have been busy getting our gift baskets ready for the chinese auction. I am really hoping to see my friends there to help with the fundraising!! It is a great cause and Beckie is really working hard training for the marathon not to mention going to work, school, and online classes! How she keeps it all up is beyond me. I can't remember what I am doing tomorrow or the day after that, yet she does it all and takes care of her girls as well! We all know she has lots of help there from Donny, Me, Aunt Doodie, and YaYa. Ryan's story really inspires her to do this and we all want to support and encourage her along! Keep her in your prayers...come out to the BASH, and have some great fun! Email Beckie at for more info on Beckie's Big Bash!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Where does the time go...

Wow...this summer has been filled with weddings!! This weekend we head to VanWert to see Jackie and Mark get married. Last weekend it was Sarah Wang and Katie Coyne's wedding days. I remember thinking at the beginning of the summer that we had 8, yes folks, I said 8 weddings! Let's see...Kevin, Tim, Becky, Jason, Nathan, Sarah, Katie, and Jackie! Crazy but really a lot of fun! Its always good to be with friends, old and new at weddings. It is so nice to watch the young couples who are so in love ready to start the journey of marriage. Bridget and Cyle will be married a year on Oct. 13th. That time as flown by...nothing like the news of a pregnancy and a birth to make things fly! Dave and I will be celebrating our 29th year of marriage. I could say that has flown by too...four kids, one cat, one dog, two grand daughters, one grand son later!! I am wondering if anyone knows what the anniversary gift is for 29 years. I always thought those things were reserved for the mile stone know, 1st, 25th, 50th, etc. But I learned this past weekend that there is something for every year. Things like silver, & gold for the big ones and some more simple things like rubber!!! WHAT?? I found out that every year has something to go along with it. Have I been missing out on a lot of good gifts? Not too sure...Can't wait to see what October 13th brings me!! Have a great weekend!