Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Beach Babies!

Bonita Beach Day!

Back and forth to fill buckets for everyone!

Taylor Swift a.k.a Molly Carolyn
She giggled all through lunch when we kept our sunglasses
on at Doc's~ We told her people surely thought she was
Taylor Swift trying to hide!

Cayden got buried in sand!


They call it the "kiddie pool"~

They have so much fun in it!

Someone was afraid of the water this year.
Mya just wore her life jacket and walked around playing on 
the deck ... The whole week!

She had good company still~
Sarah and Molly played with her
and her big brother especially looked after her!

These two are just so cute together.

"I love you Mya~ don't be scared"

Beckie and her twin Sarah Rose~

Bri and her twin Mya Brynn~
It's like looking back in time to when Beckie and Bridget were 
little girls!


Silly girls!