Monday, June 21, 2010


The Reception... not as many pictures to choose from, as we were too busy having fun and not taking pictures!

The Wedding Party... Left to right. Kevin, Dagmara, Mark, Tammi, Sarah, Danny, Chelsea, Kelley, Tegan, Jeremy, Elliot, Molly, Bridget, Cayden, Cyle, Beckie, and Donny.
Sarah working on Elliot. She wanted a kiss... She meant business.
He obliges and she even closes her eyes for the special moment!
Everyone looks happy after! I say to Sarah..."Don't push him to much or he will run away" Elliot says..."I will never run away". She wins. Hands down.
Cyle, Bridget and Cayden ready to make an entrance!
Aunt Helen. She is so special to Kelley Marie and after spending a few days with her, I can see why!
Elliot, who took his tux off the minute the wedding ceremony was over, Sarah and Molly ready to hit the dance floor too!
Kelley and her husband Tegan ready to make a big entrance!
The happy couple amongst their wedding party! April, the wedding planner from Powderhorn in the purple dress to the right! She worked to make everything just right for our wedding here on the mountain!
Tegan, Dagmara and Danny.
Papa and his little buddy Cayden!
Deeanna and I share a hug together after ceremony. Dee expressed how very happy she is that Kelley has married into a wonderful family! And I told her how much we love her baby girl!
Elliot and Sarah... dancing before the buffet is even cleared.... Hey you two, you are supposed to wait for the bride and groom to dance first!!
One of many glass tapping kisses from the bride and groom!
Grandpa Skip with Grandma Milly, gives us his OK sign! "This is a great party", he says!
See Scott? See Scott behind me, Roxi and Meigan? See Scott try to get us drunk? Panty Droppers! Think I drank mine?
Meigan sure drank hers and a few more!!
Molly dancing with her "forever prince"! Her Daddy, Donny.
Roxi, Beckie and Chelsea, conspiring about something or someone!
Mother son dance.... No tears here, just laughter. I am rocking hightop converse boots!
Tegan thought it was hysterical!
Bridget and Cayden dancing away... this boy has some moves. GO CAYDEN...Go CAYDEN!
Here is one great daddy! Cyle is the best, he watches over his son and is always ready to take care of him! They love each other!!
Dagmara, Beckie and Jess, Martin's girlfriend, enjoying a cigar with the men! We can hang!
Well... maybe not!
Tegan... my baby, my son~ Married!
Crazy. Isn't it??