Sunday, December 19, 2010

Children, Music and Santa... Magic!

Our friends had their 2nd annual Childrens Chrsitmas Party last night! Dennis and Meigan welcome children to their home and have Santa visit! Santa even gives each little person a gift! Meig and Dennis are so generous~ It is really a wonderful little party to attend! You really get the feeling of Christmas as you watch the faces of the children who are enjoying a fun time together~ eating cookies, singing, and seeing Santa come through the yard to the door!!

Sweet Mya looked precious in her little Christmas skirt...
The party starts with a social time... time to eat yummy cookies and visit with friends! Dennis and Mya enjoy each others company!
Cayden found the train tracks...

Celeste and Bridget with Andrew and Mya... Miss Mya is 7 days older than Andrew! There is quite a size difference here... our girl is just so petite!
After cookies and juice, it was time for music! I did some Music In Motion! Here we are singing "Octopus"~
Humungous Whale...
I think I really have their attention!
Even Sarah Rosie, who has heard them all~ loved it!
New wee little ones enjoying the songs!
Well... almost all of them! Cayen decided to lay down and watch Meme!
Danny has a big smile!
Cayden ... back in the game!
Ryan and Meigan having fun together!
I Like My Hat... so I put it on my... LEG! WHAT?
I Like My Hat... so I put it on my... Belly~ that's not right! Ali is following all the directions!
And then... out the window we spied SANTA!! Santa came in and greeted the children and sat right down to read them a story! THAT"S NOT SANTA, a fun little book about Santa looking for his red suit and coming up with all sorts of other costumes he could wear to deliver his gifts!
Then Santa reached into his red sack and called the children one by one, by name to receive a gift. Mya was excited to hear her name!
Sarah got some modeling clay!
My girls and I ~
Look... Santa even got Sarah and Molly to sit on his lap...but wait~ Where's Cayden?
Now we almost have everyone! Papa took this great picture! We wish Layla bug and Kelley could have been here for this picture too!
When it was time to go... Molly looked for her Danny to say goodbye!
Cute little faces...
Cayden told Santa... "Thank you Santa"
Kevin, Celeste and Andrew pose with Santa!

Thank you Dennis and Meig... it was delightful and I was glad to be a part of it! Merry Christmas!!

When I got home I found a surprise on my computer! Tegan and Kelley updated their blog and emailed me a new Christmas photo of their little family! It was such a nice surprise and made it feel like they WERE part of this special day!

Only 6 days till Christmas!