Monday, December 12, 2011

One Really Big Show...

Sarah had a Really Big Show tonight!  Papa couldn't come because of a board meeting and we missed him!  Grandma Carol and Meme went with Sarah, Molly and their Mom and Dad!
Sarah was excited to be "featured" on one of the songs.  She and two others got to sing at the microphones!  She practiced and practiced her verse!

Before we left, I took some pictures in front of their tree!
These two are so precious to me!

And they are as silly as they seem!

Sarah helped Bailey pose for the picture!

Molly knew all the words to the songs too and was singing along in the audience!

She sat with  her Grandma Carol!

Sarah and her friends start off singing the WRONG verse but the music
teacher stops them and they start all over on the right note!!  Sarah is on the right! Hear me whisper at the end..."That's cute"!
Have a listen!

What a performer!!  After all~the show must go on!
But just look at the boy behind Sarah... Too funny!
He has caught their mistake!

Sarah and her friend Evan~ see them together in the second row, right behind the friend in black?

So cute!

I love this little wonder who made me a Meme!