Sunday, March 13, 2011

While Papa's away~

Papa is relaxing in Florida~ having a guys golf week, or 2! I am enjoying spending time with my gems. I love to have them for sleepovers and these are just a few things we enjoy together...

Playing trains is one of Sarah and Molly's new favorite thing to do! Sarah would like a train set for her birthday!
Notice the "girl" and the "boy" bridges!
The girls set has a lovely Ice Cream Shop!
And a beautiful fountain for the center of the tracks!
Everyone played so nicely together!
People were coming and going on trains all night long!
It was a magical time...
Then Cayden decided it was puzzle time!
Sweet Sarah~
Darling Molly~

Some yummy pizza that found it's way to my house!
Dinner in the family room while watching Open Season!
Movie watching cuddle time!

In the morning, Miss Mya joined the fun for the day!
Ok, maybe she doesn't think this train stuff is so fun after all!
She prefers her colorful toys instead!
Molly loves to "hover" over Mya! She is a real mother hen!
Cayden still loving the puzzles!
Nap time for Molly and Cayden. I never thought they would actually fall asleep, being together in one bed, but they did!
It's Sunday night. My house is quiet. The train and puzzles are put away. I am enjoying time on my computer and catching up on my tv shows! I have watched only taped kids shows for days now... in fact, Bridget had to tell me to change my clock this morning!! I have really been in the kids zone around here!

Praying for the people in Japan~