Saturday, September 25, 2010

Roxi a.k.a. MEME???

I have had so much fun with Roxi and her daughter Missy! We did a pregnancy photo shoot in the back yard~ I love this shot. I asked Roxi to hold the mirror but caught a shot of her before she could duck!
Mel and Jason were easy to photograph...
on a beautiful sunny day!
All Because Two People Fell In Love!
Yesterday, we started crafting for the baby's room. Selena and Missy set up camp at Michaels... this shot was right before they covered the floor, looking for just the right color paper!
Look at the concentration on my face... oh lordy!
We decopauged~ not sure on that spelling~ the front of the baby's dresser drawers! Just look...
I will post more on the dresser when it's finished being painted! Then we were off to the nursery to assemble the tree!
Mother and daughter...
Hard at work!
Missy was very happy with her finished project!
Thanks to Missy and Jason for letting Deb and I come visit~ We had a great girls weekend! I think Jason~ when he was there~ enjoyed us too! It won't be long now and Baby will make three!
Aren't they sweet...