Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Layla's Night Out!

I am having so much fun spending time with my Layla! She is just so funny~ you laugh and she laughs! You scream and she screams! Love her!

She tried some cheerios for the first time and loved them! She has really good fine motor skills!

Kelley is working on having her stand up~ on flat feet NOT her tippee toes!
She gets so excited!

I love taking her picture! I find that she makes so many different faces and that she is changing so much everyday! Just look at this series of shots...
So darn cute! Right?

We meet with Kelley's sister Sky for dinner. Sky has one daughter named Ella, who is so smart and so adorable! Ella is just going to be 2 in a few days.

Sky, Ella, Kelley, Layla and Tegan posing for my camera~
Layla loves to eat out!

Can you guess where we went?
Cute little cousins...
Just look at those eyes ~ A M A Z I N G ~
Kelley birthday was yesterday, Tegan's birthday is tomorrow! What a busy week here in Grand Junction! I am enjoying beautiful weather and doing alot of walking around the neighborhood with my Laylabug! Softball game tomorrow night~ Hey, Sarah, let's hope Meme doesn't embarrass Uncle Tegan yelling ... HEY ONE ONE~ HIT THE BALL!