Sunday, September 16, 2012

A wee little Homecoming PRINCESS!

Cayden and Mya made it here with their Mommy on Thursday night!
Meme always has some treats...

It's my treat to get to see them!

We headed over to Beckie's to go to Western Reserve HS for
the Homecoming Spirit Assembly!

Molly was asked to be the 
Homecoming Princess!

Cayden escorted her into the school office!
While we wait for the gym to be decorated
the cousins sit together!
Molly is especially happy to see little Mya~ she
was also wishing her little Layla could be here too!

Beckie fixed Molly's hair so pretty!

Molly was so excited!

The head cheerleader took her around and showed her just what 
she would have to do with her "Prince"!
"Stop here for a photo", she told Molly.

I think my Princess was a little nervous!

We got some pretty good seats before the students
all came in!

Mommy took this picture of her Princess checking out
the Prince Austin!

The court is announced and finally they call
the Homecoming Prince and Princess
Austin and Molly

All smiles now!

Seriously, one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

They sit right in front of the King and Queen~

Sarah is very proud of Molly!

Cayden is too!

Mommy and her Princess~

Mya, Beckie, Bridget, Cayden, Molly and Sarah~

Don and Beckie get to the field after leaving Molly...

A red convertible with her name on the side!

The parade starts... and right before the King and Queen
comes the car with the Prince and Princess
Austin and Molly!


Here's our Molly!  She is a Daddy's girl for sure!  Is this what she really thinks of
riding in cars with BOYS?

I love her!

"Great job Molly"

Here's an upcoming Princess ...

Holding hands~

Watching the homecoming football game together!

Papa teaching Cayden a few things about football!

So proud of my little Molly Carolyn, 
the Princess!