Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ms.Walton... the Preschool Teacher!

Here's Ms.Walton and her girls.
While Sarah is going off to 3rd grade
and Molly is going off to 1st (more on this later)
The BIG NEWS is about Beckie...
She is the new Administrator/Head Teacher at
Western Reserve Preschool!

She has worked hard this summer preparing the room~
She had made some big changes!

We painted cubbies to brighten the room!

A new Parent Mailbox Center... Thanks Goddard school,
is ready to help keep parents informed!

My favorite thing ever...
reminiscent of my Best Beginnings classroom,
a WHO"S HERE Tree.
The children find their owls and add them to
the tree when they come into school!

Snack and Work Center~ tables for doing papers, having snack and
table top activities.

The Art Center is amazing!  
All the treasured art projects will be made here
and then taken home!

Circle time happens here~ 

Math Center~

Science and Blocks ~
So much fun!

A HouseKeeping Center for
dramatic play!
I loved that, on Tuesday, I saw Rough Rider Cheerleader 
and football jerseys hanging in rack just out
of this picture on the left!
Just for the 
Western Reserve  LITTLE Rough Riders!

A Play Loft is perfect for a sweet reading nook
And look closely underneath...

Sarah spent some time doing some art work on the walls
for the little ones!

I am so happy for you Beckie, as you start this
new path.  Always know I love you Rebecca!

While I was away with Sarah and Molly, my friend Roxi asked
Sarah what she thought about her Mom's new preschool
and Sarah said...

"I am really proud of my Mom"

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bits and and there!

Danny, Koma and Kayla in Breckenridge
I love all the pictures Danny sends me...

Sarah, Molly and I met Meigan, Danny and Emily at the park

So much fun!

I traveled to Bri's ~
Bri's road has really TALL growing corn!

I have had some fun with a new app...

Beckie and her girls joined Bri and her family at the cottage
in Clear Lake.

Molly spent some time being girly with her Meme~

Girls got hair cuts and showed them off!

Dave caught me relaxing in the back yard~

Enjoying the last days of summer~

I get a big kick out of this...

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Goodbye is the hardest thing...

After our big party, there was some cleanup to do and Cayden
was right on task helping Uncle Danny!
My boys...
Danny's girls were so good while they were here!
Koma and Kayla!
The whole gang--minus Cyle~ trying to get this shot wasn't easy!

"Dool ~ Buses"
Don't ask!
We need to teach Layla all about the Dool Bus...
She wasn't having it!

My kids make me so proud!

Cayden loves to have pictures with Aunt BB!

Mya and Layla~
These two could not have been more fun to be around!

Layla loves her Uncle Danny so much!
He makes her laugh!

Tegan and Kelley had so much fun with Kevin and Amanda~
They were asked to be in the wedding next June!
These four really hit it off. So glad Kelley and Amanda could
finally meet in person!
Great cousins!
We took Layla to see Pop~ay at his office and she
loved the fish!
Layla running to Pop~ay's office...
She is a Pop~ay's girl!

In Uncle Mike's office, Layla liked the glass partition!
Funny girl!

Back home, my princess loves my shoes!
She paraded around in this pair for several days!
Oh la la!
Sing it girl!
Time to go... this makes us all so sad.
Time spent together goes by so quickly!

Meme just loves this gem~
she makes me so happy.

I love you Layla Lynn
Carry my love back home with you little Laylabug!

It is LOVE!