Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wow... Big Change!

Dave wanted to make some changes to our entertainment center. So he asked me to empty out the cabinets. Behind the door on the left... TOYS! Behind the door on the right videos~
Under the tv always held our books... all my gems little story books! Photos off to the far right!
So once emptied, Dave got right to work ripping the old cabinet right out of it's nook!
We placed the tv on coffee table... didn't want to miss any of the game of the day!

Dave got right to work in his wood shop. He reused much of the cabinet to make the new center.
He worked to match the finish since he left the far right photo unit in place.
Dave is always a happy camper in the "HE MAN WOMAN HATER CLUB" woodshop! Girls are allowed in this club house!
High Five with Cayden in the almost finished cabinet! You will recall an elf sitting on this shelf in this picture!
Remember the doors? They were cut down to make smaller ones...
and pieced together!
Dave spraying the finish on... Almost done!
Dan and Cayden help in the reassemble! "What cha doin Papa?"
"I can dance"...
New, BIGGER, Tv and speakers being installed! Doors being added to the bottom!
AND... TA DA... New center!
Great job Dave. I love that you are so handy and talented! But wait...

You said the old cabinet always bothered you because it was off center~ REALLY?

I wonder if you just really wanted that bigger better tv?