Thursday, September 10, 2015

Beckie & Tim's BEST DAY EVER!

Beckie & Tim worked hard on their house...
New roof and new siding~
Lots of help from all their parents, all wanting to help
make their big day really special!

The wedding rehearsal on the front porch...
Tegan officiating ~ 
Tim and Beckie as the Bride and Groom
Molly, Sarah, Mason and Julia as the witnesses, maids of honor and best man!

The Fab Four...
Mason, Julia, Sarah and Molly!

Everyone came into town~
Tegan, Kelley and Layla from Grand Junction,
Uncle Danny from Breckenridge,
Cyle, Bri, Mya and Cayden from Van Wert!

We had both houses so plenty of places for everyone to sleep

Cayden, on wedding day, was excited for his Aunt BB!

The Wilkinsons looking good!

Kelley, Beckie and Bri~

Mya and Layla~
little Doll Babies!

Sarah Rose was ready and was all 

Sarah, Molly and Julia~
so beautiful!

Layla playing the guitar as we got ready!

Beckie and her dance crew ~
Just busting some moves before Beckie put her
dress on!

Molly, Julia and Sarah help Beckie with the finishing
A special time for Beckie and her 3 girls!

All ready~
My Walton/Church girls!

Tim and Beckie at the front door...
It won't be long now!

A sneak peek...

Stephanie and Beckie~
Beckie was so happy to have Stephanie
at her side!  Sweet friends, these two!

The bride had a moment with her sibs~
Tegan, Bri and Danny.

I love these four!

The bride and her Dad!

Pretty excited to see her so HAPPY!

And so it begins...
Molly, carrying her violin, is first to start out!

This picture makes me so happy for so many reasons~
Molly's face,
Sarah and Julie looking so grown up,
and my daughter and her Dad all smiles!

So ready!

Off she goes~

Tomorrow's post....
The Ceremony!