Saturday, April 23, 2011

How many is too many?

The girls are playing so nice together! Sarah and Molly working on some art work!
Even the grown ups are playing nice together! Kelley, Beckie and Tegan enjoy time together!

Then there's Layla bug. This baby is just the sweetest little thing. She has a shoe fetish. She has the cutest little feet!
Her eyes are dreamy.
Her hair wispy blond.
Her smile constant and contagious.
Her little voice so sweet. Her raspberry noises she makes with her lips when she is mad is so funny to see!
She was telling us today how mad she was about this... the new little tooth poking thru her gums... OUCH!
She is drooling and drooling~
Tell me,
how many pictures is too many? I just can't resist this little face. I am loving getting to know this gem of mine. She is 6 months old. She rolls around the floor. She nearly sits up all by herself. She coos and laughs out loud. She says "Hi". She reaches for everything! She is such a joy to be around! Tegan and Kelley have been doing a wonderful job with this little doll baby!
It is so fun to watch my son Tegan be a daddy to this sweet girl.