Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wishbone Day 2014

OI Awareness Week
May 6th was WISHBONE DAY!
Here is our favorite little ambassador ~
who spreads awareness all around him!

We made sheets for Cayden to take to school!
When you ask Cayden what he wants to be when he grows up...
He answers... A TEACHER!

On May 6th Cayden got ready for a big day!
Hugs from his best girl, his Mommy!

Mya made a new shirt... she wanted to say~

The front was so cute too!
This girl was ready!

Mya is so proud of her big brother!

they are precious!

Sarah, Molly and Julia got busy
making their own Wishbone Day shirts!

Love how creative they all were!

Wishbone Day and they were all smiles!
Sarah, Aunt BB and Molly!

Even I was excited...
Here's my fun shirt!

I sported the Wishbone guy on front too!
They call him "WISHY"

Papa was ready that morning too!

Uncle Danny showing off his muscle just like

Aunt Joy was looking pretty in Yellow too!

Aunt Amanda had a "WISHY" shirt too!

Aunt Katy wore her yellow and made a sweet 
collage with our boy Cayden!

More cousins...
Annaston looks so sweet...

Her big brother, Mason was handsome and serious
in his Yellow!

Evan and Ella~
Ella mommy said Ella said...
"I was smiling!"
How cute are they?

Jackie was Happy in Yellow!

Vanessa...a.k.a. Miss Thang,  is
a pure vision of beauty in Yellow!

Rick and Roxi sending love
from Florida!

Beckie and Lisa, great teachers showing some
love in Yellow!

Ty doing a selfie for Cayden!
So cute!

Ava in Oklahoma sent this picture just
for Cayden!

Also from Oklahoma~ Selena, Grayer and
little Miss Audriella Roxanne 
send love!
Mel, Levi and Wyatt sent some loving words too!

Megpie~ sweet as ever!  Always there when
you need her!  A friend for life!!

Becky, Cayden bus driver, went all out and even got some
yellow shoes!  No picture but just wanted to remember her 
kindness, as she even got little YELLOW hot wheels to give
her favorite little guy when he boarded her bus that morning!

Cayden's Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Pohlman wore her YELLOW~
even on her nails!  Bri says "the greatest thing that happened to Cayden 
this year was having Mrs. Pohlman for his teacher."  
"She is soooooooo sweet!"

Cayden's class~
All becoming good little buddies!

When Bri went to pick up Cayden after school, Mrs. Pohlman asked if Bri could
wait by the office for just a few minute.  Then Mrs. Pohlman sent her daughter to 
the office to get Bri and Cayden to come down the hall to her class.

Bri and Cayden turned the corner and the staff had lined the halls~ All wearing 

This made Bri cry... so much love and attention given to her boy!
Cayden started to cry then too, worried about why Mommy was crying~
She told him "Happy Tears Buddy!"
You can see it in both their faces!

What a great WISHBONE DAY!

It is amazing how many lives are touched by this disease.  Type I, which Cayden has,
is the most common.  Wishbone Day is not a fundraising event. 
Because respect,
recognition and engagement cost NOTHING! 
 Wishbone Day offers that all for FREE~

Bri sent a beautiful letter to Cayden's teacher, and all the Lincolnview faculty!

I think I raised a pretty great daughter, who along with her husband, 
Cyle are raising an amazing little boy!

Every time Cayden saw someone in their great YELLOW shirts, he would say


This Meme THANKS all of you too!