Friday, November 20, 2009

Can I eat more cookie dough??

The scene in my kitchen this morning was Sarah, Molly and I making chocolate chip cookies while Cayden was napping upstairs. The girls were given spoonfuls of cookie dough to roll into balls. They were having a hard time with this task.
Not because it was sticky. No.

It was because they could not resist rolling it into balls then taking a big bite right out of it!!! Half eaten cookie balls were then dropped onto the cookie sheet.
"That's ok?, right Meme?" Sarah asked. " We are the only ones going to get to eat these right?"

They cleaned up nicely... eating most of their mess!

And Cayden was ready with kisses, to thank his cousins for the yummy cookies!
Sarah looking very studious in Meme's reading glasses. I tell her over and over that this is not good for her eyes so...
We find an old pair and take out the lens and look out~~ She starts acting like a nut and tell us a funny story about how her hamster eats so much that his cheeks just explode out like this...
She laughed so hard she started to cry! What a fun day it was... As they were leaving tonight, Molly said...
"Have a nice day, Meme"

** It reminded me of a cartoon Gertie had on her fridge that always made me smile. It was one of grandchildren leaving their grandma's house and they say~
Thanks for enjoying us, Grandma!!