Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekend at Doral Country Club~

We took a break from home improvement to head to Doral in Miami for a long weekend.  Twenty eight couples from Pelican Nest took the trip with us!  

Dave was very excited to play this famed course!

We started off by hitting the patio for cocktails~ Rick was happy about that!

Roxi had a smile to share!  I loved being able to get away with her!!  The girls planned on only golfing one day, then we were going to have a spa day!

These two always have something to smile about!

Jim was ready to tackle the Blue Monster as well!  

Cocktails brought smiles~ don't they always?




Doral is right in a direct flight path of Miami airport!  Huge jets, one right after another, flew overhead.

Rick tries to catch one!
Better luck next time!

The view from the patio of 18 on the famous Blue Monster at Doral.

Happy Faces

The rooms were lovely.  The rooms are in "cabins" numbered 1 thru 10.  This spa and resort was built in 1962 and has just been purchased by Donald Trump.  We are sure he will make some great changes to the clubhouse and rooms!

Friday morning we got up early to play as couples on the Gold course.  The Blue Monster was set for Saturday and only the really serious golfers would play that day~
Rick tries this routine for good luck!

Dave and I get ready~  don't I look nervous!  I was certainly not worthy to play at Doral!

Donna and Mike were in our foursome!  They are so sweet!  Mike is like a big teddy bear who has nothing but positive things to say!  Always so encouraging to Donna and myself!  Dave was patient with us as well!

Rick and Roxi were ready to tackle the course with another couple, Sarah and Rich, who we found out lived on Bay Cedar as well!

Just look at that form!

I am proud to say, I shot a 74!!  You read that right~ a 74!

18 holes ~ I certainly got my monies worth!
If there were a high score prize...
I would have won it hands down!
I am just a beginner people!

Dave tries to catch one too~ those darn jets!
We had no luck with this trick photography!

We had lunch and went to the pool!  
The sun came in and out on Friday afternoon but we enjoyed just relaxing together!

Dinner Friday night was at the steakhouse Mezules, right at Doral.  The food and service was wonderful!!  About 30 of us made reservations together for both Friday and Saturday! It was a great group of fun people!

Some tables had drapes around them and I thought they were so neat!  

Afterwards, we went to the Bossa Nova Lounge  to dance, dance dance!! 
I met my new friend Nancy ~ who is called Dancing Nancy because she just doesn't stop dancing!
She is just so fabulously fun!!

Saturday morning Roxi, Donna and I went to the spa!  Another cloudy,with some sunny patches,
 kinda of day in Miami!
The walkway to the spa!

The foyer in the spa!  Beautiful roses!

Later in the day, as I lay on my chaise lounge chair, I looked up and took this picture...
I sent it to my gems and said...
The view from my chair, sunny and blue
But I am still thinking of YOU!

We took two vans to South Beach for dinner at the China Grille.   We walked to some dance clubs and saw some night life in Miami!  Club Mango was a riot!  

Dave and Jim toast to a great dinner with friends!

Larry arrives in the am... there is work to be done!

Sarah... Hope you found all you needed in the closet!
Molly...  I love the new melody you played on the violin for me!
Cayden... I hope you had a fun night with just Daddy on Saturday!
Mya... It was so nice "talking" to you on Saturday~ hope you had fun with Sarah & Mo!
Layla... I love how you play so hard you "knock" yourself out!! Sweet Dreams!