Sunday, May 9, 2010

They call her... "Mommy"

Sarah, Molly and Cayden call them "Mommy"

Happy Mother's Day to my favorite two Moms!

They are the best Moms in the world. Both are so caring and loving with their children. I love to watch them in action! I love to watch their children show them affection and admiration.

These children know they are loved.

These children know patience.

These children know discipline.

These children know compassion.

These children know who to turn to when they need a hug!

As I went to bed last night, I found a card on my pillow. Dave is in Florida (remodel, remember?) and this is what it said...
To Beckie and Bridget,
I am so very proud of the Mothers you are and I love you both so very much! Happy Mothers Day!

To Dave,
Thank you for the card! I am VERY PROUD! Thank you for all you do that helps me be a great mom! I love you too!

To Kelley Marie... MOM to be,
Happy Mothers Day to you too! I love you!