Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Showering Kelley with Love!

We "showered" Kelley last night at my house with all my family and good friends over! Kelley was so excited to be having a bridal shower and meeting all our extended family and our favorite friends. We moved the furniture out of the family room and tables~ black and white ~ the wedding colors ~ filled the room instead. Centerpieces with white flowers and candles, napkin rings made with black and white flowers and mini cupcakes with ... yes, black and white chocolate flowers!! I cannot believe how generous everyone was ~ with their time during the holiday to their gifts to this new daughter in law to be of mine! We played a game where we asked Tegan some questions and recorded his voice and then we asked Kelley the same questions to see if she could match his answers! We played the tape after each one to hear his answer and they got 8 of 10 correct!! We also had everyone write a question on a piece of paper ~ a Getting To Know Kelley ~ game and we asked those questions as she opened gifts. Kelley delighted us with her answers and her outgoing personality. I am hoping Dagmara, my camera girl, got some better pictures than I on her camera, since I was busy being a hostess! Here is Kelley, with Molly, who is enjoying a cupcake with her eyes closed... they were that good!!
The Bride to be with her SILs... sisters in laws!! Bridget, Beckie and Dagmara. A bride and some of her bridesmaids!!
So sweet...
A full house...
Debbie... who is the best ever, and Dagmara serving some treats! Debbie was such a big help, as usual~~ from cooking to cleaning up afterwards. Friend... I am so glad you are mine!!
Just some of the loot Kelley Marie will be shipping home to Colorado! A bouquet made of ribbons~~
Thank You to everyone for making the night so special for Kelley!!

Sarah showing everyone what to do with the napkin rings after the shower... string them onto a ribbon and tie it around your waist... Lovely!!

Roxi.... We missed You!!!!