Thursday, March 18, 2010

Party on St Patty's Day!

St Patrick's Day started off rough for this little guy. He sure was looking good wearing the green though, wasn't he?
Still not too happy about things ...
But then Aunt Beckie came over with cards made by her first grade class... lots of cards with pictures of dinosaurs and trains... the dinosaur train too! Beckie even had her nails painted by one of her students on this festive day!!
Don came with Sarah and Molly and fun really began. Soon Cayden said "down" and just like that he was..
down. He started off slow
but soon got into the swing of things. He is working hard to learn to blow into his train whistle!
By the time they got ready to go home, Cayden was crawling around again being his old silly self again!
He just loves the book MOO BAA LA LA LA ...
who doesn't?