Monday, February 28, 2011

So many THANK YOU's!

I sent Sarah and Molly a card from Florida. When Sarah got to my house on Saturday night, she made this for me...

The girls showed up wearing their matching little dance outfits and tights! Too cute~
Little Molly is just too precious!

I got the girls little Mister necklaces in Florida. Little keepsakes to remember their little dog, Mister who, sadly, has not been found. Sarah thinks he is in heaven with GG~ isn't that a nice thought!
Molly was just tickled...

Sarah got busy writing her thank you again. This girl is just so smart and thoughtful! I love her kind heart!

Today I was surprised to find a package at my front door! It was from my friend Sheila... my blogging friend who signs all her posts and comments with "Toodles"!!

I was the lucky winner of a little contest on her blog! She sent me some delicious chocolate popcorn, which lasted in this box about 5 minutes before I ate it all!
Sheila also made me this great rice bag... you simply heat it in the microwave for any aches you might have...
THANK YOU~ Sheila! Your package was so very thoughtful! My friends often laugh at me as I talk about my "friends" from my blog because I do talk like I know you personally!! Thanks for always leaving me great comments~ it's so nice to have blogging friends! It's like the old days of Pen Pals, isn't it? I am glad your one of mine!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wishbone Day~

Bridget wrote a wonderful post about Cayden that I want to share! We are excited to be about to celebrate a BREAK~FREE YEAR! So awesome!

Read all about it HERE!

Friday, February 25, 2011


Flight 394 on USA 3000 was a bit SCARY this morning! I left Fort Myers Florida this morning at 6 am bound for Cleveland. The lady in line behind me, dropping off her elderly mother says to me... "My husband is a pilot and he says United has canceled all flights out of Cleveland this morning." She was wondering how USA 3000 was going to fly right into Cleveland. Well, we didn't exactly fly right into Cleveland. We spent about 40 minutes in some very turbulent air. People were getting sick, kids were screaming, with every dip and drop! The pilot says to us... " We may head to Columbus or Cincinnati. Cleveland has one runway shut down with a disabled plane and the other we could use is down while plows clear the snow. We will slow down and see if it gets re opened in the next 15 minutes! GREAT! Cleveland cleared that runway and we did finally land~ a very, very, scary landing! One followed with clapping from all the relieved passengers!

Last Thursday as I sat at the Cleveland airport, my flight on USA 3000 was late. It arrived and had some switch problems. We sat and waited and waited some more. The 7:40 pm flight was delayed. People got angry. The attendant made a pa announcement calling her airline "A Discount Airline" ~ suggesting we should all just be quiet and accept the fact there was nothing at all we or they could do for us. They did fly a jet in from St Louis, empty, for us to get to Fort Myers. We left Cleveland at 4 am and got to Florida at 7 am~ What a crazy night!! I did have a blast with new friends~ Joan, Kathy, MaryBeth, Gina and Angelina!! Thanks for making the hours fly by with lots of laughter! I may NEVER fly USA 3000 again!

This morning, I left this behind...
and came home to this...
But that's ok... He is here too!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day at the Spa~

Dave gave me a Luxurious Day at the Stillwater Spa at the Hyatt for christmas~

I took my friend Roxi and we lounged here...
We enjoyed Hot Shell massages... to die for!! Then headed out to the pool for lunch!

So relaxing!
Thanks Dave~ A girl could get used to this life! Glad we will be together for the next getaway!

Miss you...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Be Still My Heart...

Wishing I could help in the search of Mister, Sarah and Molly little puppy. Mister went outside on Saturday night and "wandered" away... This precious girl had her family do a "Mister Project". She called them all to the kitchen table and instructed them on drawing the head and body, then coloring his eyes blue. Sarah then told her family that now they would have a "Mister to sleep with if they missed him at night".

What a special heart this gem of mine has...

We can only hope Mister is safe and warm with someone else~ Say a prayer.

Also wishing I could hold this gem~

simply because she is simply irresistible!!

Layla Lynn

Prima Donna

The world will be her stage!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

Meme is having a good time in Florida~ I am missing Papa and all your little faces too! Sarah asked to see some pictures so I took some tonight! This is the new kitchen Papa, Rick and Bob worked so hard on...
So beautiful!
See Sarah... no more flowered couches!!!
Sarah... I found this bathing suit just for you ~ it has a matching swim shirt too! Jasmine, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, Aurora!
Molly... I found this one for you~ Ariel and her friend Flounder!!

I will post again tomorrow~ Hugs! I miss you!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

LOVE can build a bridge..

There is a whole lot of building going on around here...

A sister lays out the blocks,
A brother starts to stack them,
She watches his every move...
And she is in complete AWE of him! Mya loves her brother more and more each and every day!
Just look at her face~ she can't believe he can do that!

Cayden has found Uncle Tegan's micro machine cars...
He loves them!
He loves finding all the little secret compartments they hide!

More building is going on out in the wood shop! Papa is building Sarah and Molly a set of bunk beds!
A labor of LOVE!
These beds will have no nails... they are tongue and groove. I am sure that is not the proper name for this work... I will correct later!!
The bottom bunk will be a full size bed while the top bunk will be a twin bed!
The girls will have so much fun sleeping together on this fun bed! More pictures to come!

I am off to Florida on Thursday... oh I just can't wait to feel the sunshine on my face!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

To the ones I love...
******Molly Carolyn******

******Sarah Rose******

******Townsend Cayden******

******Layla Lynn******

******Mya Brynn******
and PAPA too!

Happy Valentines Day to my favorite husband! I love you!