Thursday, June 21, 2012

Home again... Gone again!

We had a pool party/cook out this past weekend!
Bridget called and decided to come up for a few nights too!
Cayden had so much fun having Papa pull him "FAST"
around the pool!

Bri watched Miss Mya walk her empty stroller around
and around!
Jim, Kathy, Gary, Kathy, Larry, Jeanette, Dennis and Meigan
joined Dave, Bri and I for a cookout and campfire!
We had so much fun...
no pictures to prove it tho!
Dennis gave Cayden his cowboy hat!
Doesn't it suit him?
Papa and his girl Mya!
It like seeing Bridget as a baby all over again!
The kids went to bed early so the adults could have 
some quality pool time!
Questions around the campfire were as enlightening as ever!
Boy, you sure can learn a lot about nothing!

The next morning Cayden put his hat on right away
and I wanted to video a message to his Daddy, who had
stayed home in Van Wert to work.
Well I never did get a good message for Daddy because 
this is what happened...
Cayden says
"Howdy Parner"

We are in Canada for our annual trip to 
see Jim and Nikki
We are here in Toronto till Tuesday, then we will head up to 
cottage on the Lake! 
We checked into the hotel to find a gift basket filled
with goodies, wine, and
the sweetest note!
Mike and Donna come in tonight as well,
then Rick and Roxi on Saturday! 
More golf for the men.
Some theater, and shopping for the women!