Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lemuho... say it right!!

Le (Lay) mu (Mu) ho (Ho)... it's the name for our Florida house. Lemuho is in a total state of disarray right now! Check it out... It went from this,
To this... notice the wall missing on the left, behind the brown chair. I love it gone!
Cupboards out... thank you very much Rick!
Green carpet... what the hell were we thinking Carole and Roxi?? Finally- it's gone!

Tile is being laid as we speak. Can't wait to post pictures of that when it's done! Dave and Bob will head there to install new cupboards in May and I picked the granite for the counter tops so everything should "fall" into place. Wait... nothing is falling into place. We have a pro... Rick, with Roxi's help too overseeing this project for us! Here's the email Rick sent with the pictures from above!

Just let me know how much I owe you for the privilege of destroying your house. I found great pleasure in taking out my frustrations on your place as apposed to the golf course. I now know that if I want to play great golf, I will need to destroy something before hand. This might get costly. I'll send more pics as work progresses.

Too funny! Thanks so much Rick... you know we love ya!