Sunday, February 8, 2009

He's Back....

                                                 That makes me a HAPPY girl!

You start with one little princess...

It starts with one little princess, who believes in the magic of loves one true kiss!! Hey, who doesn't believe in that?? First off,  you study another princess, you watch her skip, dance and sing her way thru life. It looks easy...the little princess is sure she can be just like the one in the movie, especially since Giselle became real in the great movie called ENCHANTED! She starts off being a cartoon character but soon finds herself in New York city...a "real" girl. My little princess says "Just like me, right Mem?"

Of course, you will need some princess shoes first.  So off to the Disney Store we went.  Since we had time to spare,  we stopped and played at the mall playground first.  Little cars, slides, you get the picture.  Fun for any one 3 or 2 years old.  We played a while and I said ... Time to go to the Disney Store!  Sarah looked and me and said "I thought this was the Disney Store?" You have to love that!!!  We get the shoes!

Now the princess must really study all the dance moves.  She practices dancing, and learns the song...How will you know he loves you?"!  The princess is a quick study and she is off and twirling around the room belting out her newly learned lyrics!!

Still, she often looks back to the tv to be sure she has all the right moves.  The song ends.  The princess checks, out of the corner of her eye, to be sure someone is watching!   "Can we do it again?", she will ask and I will rewind this movie for the 15th time so the princess can keep practicing because we all know it takes alot of work to be a "real life princess"!!

And that is how I spent my about you?