Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh the joys of the computer....

NOT!!! My relic has finally bit the dust. Just will not kick on...Posting from Dave's private computer...I am, however, searching for the right replacement so I can get back into blogging!! Hope to be back up and running soon!!

See you then....

Monday, January 12, 2009

Read to them as babies and they will learn to love to read...

I left them watching WORD WORLD to check my email and when I returned I found this...Sarah helping Cayden to read! Sarah loves to read and she said Cayden needs to learn too!! She is a bright one, isn't she?? Oh my Kit and Caboodle...I love them all!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Party Animals!!

Here are some shots from our fabulous New Years Eve party!! Family and Friends. Enjoying each others company...ringing in the New Year!

This is Mr. Ty Fenton...festive as ever in his..."I stayed up till midnight" bib!!

Here is Miss Dee and her grandchildren, Morgan, holding Cayden and little Gwen! These girls knew how to party. They settled on the couch in the basement and watched Little Mermaid!!

Here is Miss Sarah Rose and her mommy not be fooled by this picture...this little girl stayed awake for the fun till about 3 am. Her parents paid for that one the next day!!!

Dagmara and their own little world!! Young love is so sweet...check out Tim and Melissa and Kevin and Celeste. Awe.... Debbie was near Jim till he decided to blow off some fireworks!! She just ran!!

Dan and Dagmara went off to Florida yesterday...left me with the DOG!! Kayla is a good girl! She likes to help babysit Cayden!

One good lick for good behavior... and a giggle from baby!!

Speaking of Dogs that babysit...I had some help last Sunday at Beckie and Don's!!
But who did we miss....