Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Camp Meme and Papa's!

It's a place where you can...

Have a sleep over for 5 days! WOW!

What will you do?

You can relax and watch a movie with your Papa!

You could sing a little...
oh, la, la!
I am hoping these are the days to remember!

We could play "getting married"... it takes a lot of prep!
A lot of concentration!
It's all in the details!

How many times has this dress been featured on my blog?
After the wedding ceremony, the dancing begins!
oops... that's our Molly!

OH, AND...
It just wouldn't be camp without some arts and crafts!

Dear Mom, Dad and Sarah,

I am having a good time at the camp. I love to sleep here 5 days. I will be home soon! Thanks for the card in the mail Mommy! I love you too!

Molly Carolyn