Saturday, October 16, 2010

Little Ladybug sends Sarah, Molly, Cayden and Mya a note!

Hi my little cousins.... look, I had pictures taken with my Mommy and Daddy.
Guess who took the pictures? That's right, it was MEME~ she had that camera in my little face all day long! Meme loves to take pictures!
I get a bath every day....
Daddy and Mommy both like to wash me up! They wash my hair too!
They are so careful by my belly button... remember Mya's?
Sometimes, I cry and cry during my bath! But just after I am all done...

I am so happy again!

Then Mommy said, "Let's go for a walk outside~ it's so nice out!" My Daddy said "SURE" so they put on my new sweater and hat that a friend made for me and put me into a stroller.

I did not like it one bit! It made me cry! Mommy said ... "shhh, sweet baby" I love my Mommy!
Bo went for a walk too! Sarah and Molly, do you remember how sunny it was in Colorado?
See, this is my neighborhood... I have a playground too! Remember you played on it when you came to Mommy and Daddy's house? Look... do you think I liked my walk?
Yes I did!!

I hope to see you soon! I love you all and I know you will love me too!

Kisses.... Kisses!