Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wishbone Day!

Wishbone Day
May 6, 2013
OI Awareness Day!

Our Cayden has OI~
A look back...
Cayden was born on July 19th, 2008
Mommy and Daddy were so excited to welcome their 
sweet son into the world!
His special little feet needed some special attention
and they were ready to face that hurdle.
He was casted each week for several weeks.

At 8 months, Cayden had his first fracture.
A spiral fracture to his tibia.
This along with the blue sclera of his eyes
was cause for concern for his doctors. 
But what a happy, smart baby we had!
Cayden was a chatter box and was always smiling!

He started to try to walk...
He toddled and fell~and fractured again.

Another fall...
another fracture.

We were referred to Shriners in Canada to
see Dr. Rausch, an expert in OI... Brittle bone disease.
Cayden was diagnosed with OI in June of 2010

OI may break bones but it can't break SPIRIT!

This boy is one smart cookie... he knows his limits and is cautious to
say the least.  He knows the pain of a fracture and will cry when he falls
just out of fear of a broken bone.

He is lucky to have a wonderful Mommy, a great Daddy
and a little sister who all watch over him...

He is undeniably one of the most wonderful blessings
in my life!