Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Mya Brynn!

I remember the day you were born Miss Mya Brynn... the excitement of delivering a baby without a doctor in the room! Your Mommy and Daddy handled it fabulously~ and Meme loved being a part of your birth too!! Take a look back right HERE!

Just look how loved you are little Mya! Goodness knows I love you!
Papa was thrilled!
Your Daddy was so in love with you!
Mommy was excited to share you with your big brother, Cayden!
Uncle Dan was smitten with you too!
Aunt BB, Sarah and Molly thought you were so precious!
We watched you grow...
and grow!
We called you Tiny Dancer in this photo shoot!
Your eyes got bigger and bigger!
All smiles at 4 months!
Looking more and more like Mommy at 5 months!
Auntie BB is in love!
Papa was able to win a smile back then...
Cayden loved to give you kisses!
Molly did too!
Your closest cousin, Layla, loves to spend time with you!
You are just so sweet!
Today you loved your new baby from Mommy and Daddy!
Happy Birthday Mya!
You make us all laugh!
It has been a fun first year with you and we can't wait to watch you grow some more~ We love you birthday girl!