Friday, May 23, 2014

Categories... poolside!

While in Florida, I took these two shopping!
I just love the way they get along with each other.
We threw lots of coins in this fountain!

Early mornings spent reading and playing games~
just waiting for the sun to warm the air!

This vacation will be remembered for all the glass we shattered!
From wine glasses to martini glasses sent flying 
when the violin was put away after a practice!
You can bet we moved it off the bar counter!
Now it's a set of 3!!

Mya would get to the hotel on the way home and complain about her toe...
which we think had a little piece of glass imbedded. YIKES!
This year, this girl decided she loved the pool~
last year she sat at the edge the entire vacation!

Molly was the best helper... encouraging Mya to swim to her!

This guy was a fish too...
no wings~ nothing!

He did love the "little pool" too!

Julia and Sarah.
Plain and simple
Best Friends

after wearing googles too long!

I enjoy seeing my girls relaxing in Florida.
They both are such hard workers,
working full time and taking care of their children.
On Easter vacation, it's their time to chill out!

My little peanut
Mya Brynn

She is just the sweetest thing~
personality plus!
If she sneezes, she hollars~
before anyone gets a chance too!

The category games was big at the pool.
Sarah's turn!
Even Mya played... hanging onto Mommy!

Beckie's turn!
Julia is it...
Cayden was excited to have a turn too!
Look OUT~ 
he's gonna get you!
Mason explains his category...

We colored eggs together~

So serious~
Artists at work!

So excited that the Easter Bunny is coming!