Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy to be home again!

We are back home from our Road Rash 2011 trip and we are so glad to see our little gems! I have many things to post about~ Here's just a preview!

We had a private concert at the pool~

Miss Layla Lynn sent love on this post! Isn't she so beautiful?

Beckie and Donny had a Cornhole Tournament again this year!

Danny just might have won it...

The kids played down by the creek and Sarah found herself a frog or two! She proudly wore her Adopt-A-Lion Hat from the Grand Canyon that Meme and Papa got her!

We also had a family pool party the night before Bridget, Cyle and Cayden set off for his yearly appointment at Shriners Hospital in Montreal, Canada. Everyone was happy to this guy!

Molly cried when she saw me come walking toward her~ she hugged me so tight and just cried in my ear! Happy tears that her Meme was home again!

More happy faces...

We kept Mya with us while her family went to Canada. She was sad without her Mommy. We took pictures anyway!! She was only content in my arms... like she thought "I lost one mommy so I am not letting this Meme out of my sight!"

Cute firecrackers!

One little family at the Ward home! We had a blast this year on the fourth, at Meigan and Dennis' home on the lake!

It's magical ....