Thursday, September 2, 2010

Big Chill 2010

We went to Murt's "camp" in PA this past weekend! I also take the girls for a yearly trip to camp! Remember, I blogged about the 5 star accommodations here! This year was just as fun as last year, and the year before that and so on... since 1999! Here is a fun shot of all of us... Dave, me, Jim, Debbie, Roxi, Rick, Kathy and Gary. We love this low key weekend that's full of hiking, floating on the river, crafting, campfires, and lots of laughter!
Craft this year was decorating a clay pot for some PA ferns!

Rick always out does everyone and includes names and the title of BIG CHILL somewhere on his project!

I enjoy watching this guy relax...
and I especially like to see him spend time with this guy...

And I love to see them both do NOTHING!! Not an easy feat, if you know my Dave and his buddy Rick!

Here is a shot of camp from across the river!

Isn't it beautiful? We crossed the river and hiked up to the summit (Ha)!!
Here's that Dave... at the top...relaxing again!
Deb stayed at camp but here are the rest of us on top!
Rick loves his land here in PA. on the Allegheny River!
Thanks Rick and Roxi for having another fabulously fun BIG CHILL at Camp Linger Longer!!
We will be BACK!