Friday, November 6, 2009

He Man Woman Haters Club!

That's right, Dave is back in the He Man Woman Haters Club!! My friend Jane, made this sign when we added the woodshop to the house! It is a joke... girls are most certainly allowed to build whenever and whatever we want in there!! Dave is getting ready to settle in there for some winter projects! Starting with a rocking horse for Cayden.

A HUGE rocking horse for Cayden!! Bridget and Cyle wonder where in the world will they put this BIG horse? Cayden keeps asking to see "rocky, rocky" and points towards the wood shop!!

Here's Dave and the almost finished horse! I have a job now. Debo will be my guide but... I will paint this guy to look like a pinto pony...

Then my little cowboy will get it for Christmas... with a cowboy hat and vest too!!