Saturday, September 6, 2008


This morning I woke with thoughts of Gertie. I do think about her a lot, especially since I became a "meme". My kids adored her...their grammie Gert! Gert would so have enjoyed being "GG"-great grammie-to Sarah, Molly and Cayden. Sarah and Molly know all about her. Beckie has done a great job sharing her stories with the girls so GG could be part of their lives. The girls dance on sewer caps every chance they get since Beckie did this with grammie when she was a little girl. Sarah told her mommy the other day that she saw "GG...just sitting there...just smiling to me!" I hope she did, I hope she feels her love even though she is not with us. I remember meeting Gert for the first time and thinking how lucky Dave was to have this woman for his mother. She inspired me for the start and was always so sweet and good to me. I know I have learned alot about being a grammie from her. I watched as she loved all my children unconditionally. I remember thinking that it was such a wonderful feeling to come into a room, watch her greet my babies and know she felt as much love for them as I did. Before she died, she did get to hold Sarah ROSE and I know that meant so much to Beckie. I know Cayden will also get to know-through stories-about his wonderful GG! He already does plenty of "flirting with the angels" and we are sure it is GG he flirts with!! (just another thing Gertie taught us about!) I miss you grammie Gert...and so do my little gems.