Monday, September 21, 2009

Did You Know...

Sarah, Molly, and Cayden, did you know...

When I met Papa, he had a little brown car.  A Pinto.  It was a very fast Pinto, though most Pinto's were not fast at all!  Papa made the engine faster, added a hood scoop, and raced that little car at Norwalk Speedway. 
 Meme ONCE, only ONCE rode down the track with Papa.  I was very nervous about this and I decided to never go down the track again!!  I would drive the Pinto to work and at red lights, I would gun the engine and show off... people thought it was a funny little car until I would burn rubber, oh I could peel those tires!  Just imagine that for a minute.  But wait, I do recall a time when on 71, Meme was pulled over by the highway patrol with you girls, Sarah & Molly in the backseat.  Oh my goodness... I was mortified.  Speeding ( going 10 over the limit) with my grand children in the car.  Once the officer took my license back to his car, Sarah, you said to me... "Mem, who is that boy?"  He did look to be about 18!! Oh, so bad. So you have an idea already how Meme can drive crazy, right?  Anyway... Papa was the only one who got tickets for peeling tires, back in the day.  Non - moving violations! 
Hey, Sarah and Molly, this is a picture of your Mommy with us when she was just a little girl.
  Beckie even liked to pretend to drive the Pinto too!!  I think I can see some Molly in this picture, can you?
If you look closely at the picture with Meme & Papa, you will see another car next to the Pinto and in the garage, a FULL SIZE VAN.  Yes, we had a FSV!  We sold the Pinto shortly after Bridget was born because we were doing the "suburban shuffle" and needed to act like adults... or so we told ourselves.  Papa still wonders what happened to that little car of his after he sold it, and so do I.

And now you know!