Friday, August 14, 2009

So Excited... we could just MELT!

Are they?  I love the musical WICKED!  I have seen it twice now and have been very obsessed with the music.  Melissa and Tim bought me the Wicked ~The Grimmerie~A Behind The Scenes Look At The Hit Broadway Musical as a gift and my little Sarah got her hands on it one day last year.  So I let her look at the pictures and listen to the CD and soon enough she was belting out the songs right along with me!!
"Please play "The Baby's Coming" part Meme... "Like a froggy, ferny, cabbage... The Baby is unnaturally  ~   G R E E N !"
So I could not wait for the musical to come back to Cleveland and guess what... and guess who's going?  You got it ~ me and my little theater partner, Sarah Rose!  She once watched the making of some musicals on tv and saw that in New York, children would dress like witches~green faces and all, so that is her intention too!  I was able to get seats early since I am a season ticked holder and I got really great seats!  I am so excited, can you tell?  This will mark her 4th experience at Playhouse Square and she is such a good little patron at the theater!  It is my pleasure to have her with me and I love that we have these special excursions to share together.  I am hoping that we are making memories that will last her a lifetime and that she will always want to go with her Meme to the theater!
Sarah and Me on our last date to the theater when we saw Mary Poppins!  Isn't she darling?

Mrs Walton's First Grade

Beckie was busy setting up her classroom with her girls when Cayden and I got there today!  Check out her colroful classroom!  Beckie is just the BEST teacher!  She is so great with children and those who end up in her class just love her!!  

This board show Phonic Dance... a really exciting way to teach phonic through song... You know I just love that!

Cayden and Molly enjoying some class time together!
Fun signs teach us some lessons!  Sarah especially loves the courage one, of course, she is the one smiling and doing the "right things"!!

Hey Mrs. Walton,
    You make me incredibly proud!  Your classroom is always amazing, a place where children love to spend their days in, a place with a teacher who always shows them how valuable they are and teaches them to grow everyday into great little people!!  I love you!