Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another Really Big Show... Sarah's last!

Sarah and her classmates perform in the Really Big Show at Best Beginnings! Sarah is 5th from the left in the teal-blue dress!
They were calling Rudolph!!
Accepting applause from the audience!
Singing "There's a little elf" sitting on my knee...

With a moment of shyness!
Ending with "We wish YOU...a Merry Christmas"!
Sharing cookies together!

Sarah giving a gift to Molly... one really meant for her Mommy and Daddy!!

Sarah and her "best boyfriend" Henry!
Fabulous teachers sharing lunch together after the program. These woman are a dedicated bunch of ladies who sincerely love children!!
Meme loves her Sarah!!

Oh ... since this was Sarah's last BIG SHOW, Molly decided she would practice because it's her turn to go to school, don't ya know??

Meme loves her Molly too!!