Saturday, September 26, 2009

Shop Talk...

Dave is back to work in his wood shop!  Roxi will be happy to see these shelves, once stained and varnished like the original one!!
 Dave is looking to start some fall/winter projects.  I would love a blanket chest for my family room!! Hint, Hint!  We have some Christmas ideas to start to work on as well... can't share those!

I have started taking pilates and I am loving it so far!  It truly works your core... I am so very sore in my abs that I can barely move every other day!! Ha!  It's good... I need to find something I like to do in order to stay focused.  This just might be it... let's hope so!

Dave has surprised me with a trip to Vegas for our 30th anniversary.  I know we are seeing some shows but he won't share which ones!  I am very excited.  Dave had to tell me about the trip since I am starting Music In Motion and he saw the sign up sheet and realized I would need to change some dates so he told me about the surprise!  I love surprises!  I can't wait to tell you all about it when we get back!   I also want to plan a trip to Colorado to see Tegan and Kelley... still working on it!  

Have a good weekend!